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10 05 2011

Howdy, reader! I’m Vy– a typical Vietnamese-American high school suburbanite living in a temperate part of the United States. As part of the language requirement in my school district I studied Spanish in middle school for two years and then Japanese for three more, something that coincided perfectly with my unwavering obsession with comics. (I can prove this with my other blog about comics, maniacallycomical.)

As my dream has always been to go to Japan, I applied for a scholarship to travel abroad this summer through Youth For Understanding, an organization that arranges high school exchanges worldwide. I applied in December and waited for what seemed like an eternal 5 months.

Except for anyone who knows anything about the news knows that Japan had a massive earthquake. And a tsunami. Oh yeah, and the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear reactor had a partial meltdown, spewing radiation everywhere. Which resulted in me getting this call two weeks ago:

…and then, of course, they hung up, which looked a little like this:

So I changed my top-choice scholarship from Japan to Germany, not knowing whether or not I was actually getting a scholarship. YFU, for some reason, insists on notifying its applicants by mail instead of by phone, e-mail, or a secure account on their site, unlike every other application office anywhere else. So the wait continued.

But just yesterday, I saw a package in the mail. From YFU. And I opened it. And inside was…

THE YFU T-SHIRT! And a letter stating that I had received the Mazda/Nationwide Community Scholarship that gave me a full ride 6-week stay in Germany. NO WAY! THIS CAN’T POSSIBLY BE TRUE.

After tearing around the house for a good hour, reality (as crazy as it is) began to sink in. Reality meaning–

So if I ever had to say to a stranger, “Help, I’m sick, where is a hospital around here?” I could do it in English, I could do it in Japanese, I might even be able in Vietnamese, but German? Nope. Hopefully I can pick up the basics in the next month I have before departure.

But I’m incredibly, incredibly excited, and still in slight shock. This is the last thing I imagined myself doing this summer. But hey, I can’t say no to such an amazing, awesome, crazy (and other mind-blowing adjectives) opportunity, right? I am so, so lucky to get this chance, and I hope the other YFU applicants get to travel abroad as well!

For now– I gotta get ready. And learn some German.




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10 05 2011
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10 05 2011

I love the way you did your blog ! It’s really creative ! šŸ™‚ I hope you have the best time in Germany ! :)))

10 05 2011

Thanks!! I’m going to try to keep it up in Germany if I can. I’m sure you’ll have an awesome time in Japan! šŸ™‚

11 05 2011

’nuff said

11 05 2011

chyea the pics are awesome

11 05 2011

oh vy<3 i loove your drawings! can't wait to creep on this blog 24/7!!!!

11 05 2011

Hahaha thanks Eunwhui ^.^

15 05 2011

Oh, goodness. Came here from my friend’s exchange blog and LOL’d like crazy. Don’t worry, everybody in Germany is very friendly! I have family over there. šŸ™‚ & the good news is, because of its prominent international business market, a LOT of people over there do speak some English. šŸ™‚

Good luck!

15 05 2011

Thank you! I’ve actually talked to one of the German exchange students at my school (who is very good at English) and she told me the same thing– that a lot of Germans know basic English at the least! I’m glad you enjoyed the post šŸ˜€

15 05 2011

Haha, your comics are hilarious! šŸ˜€

I’m so excited to hear about your stay in Germany! Keep us updated~! šŸ˜€

-Grace (from Facebook). :3

16 05 2011

Thanks! I’ll try my best!

18 07 2011
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10 08 2011
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29 06 2012

Hey, so, you probably forgot you ever made this blog now, but (in the off chance you ever get notifications of comments or whatever) I just have a question on the scholarship you got. So, I know Mazda has another scholarship for children of employees only, was this scholarship the same, or open to anyone?

29 06 2012

On my trip, at least, there were 10 kids on the Mazda scholarship: 5 who were children of Mazda employees, and 5 who were just random kids from around the country. I received one of the latter scholarships. On the YFU website, I believe the Mazda/Nationwide Community scholarship is the one that can go to any kid. I hope this helps!

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