Other blogs

For those who are interested in comics, I write another blog called maniacallycomical. It’s essentially me ranting about whatever comic is on my mind at the moment– so if that’s your sort of deal, check it out by clicking the link above or the image below!

Also, some of my Japan-travelin’ friends are keeping blogs as well! Check em out:

John Shinn http://johnsshinn.blogspot.com/

Travis Van Nimwegen http://v10japan.com/

Jason Melo http://jasoninjapan.tumblr.com/

Taylor Hobbs http://taylor-in-japan.blogspot.com/

*Youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/walkingtojapan

Kima Sluchansky http://sunnchu.blogspot.com/

Grace Kerstetter http://gaijingrace.blogspot.com/

Tom Tomezsko http://ttjapan.blogspot.com/

Kimberly Chau  http://kim-injapan.tumblr.com/

Bao-Quyen Nguyen  http://queenxjapan.tumblr.com/

Jaida Marie   http://hanakawaii21.blogspot.com/

Kristine Vo http://kikkosoymilk.blogspot.com/

Hannah Wang http://hannah2japan.blogspot.com/

Skye Lewis http://natsu-nihon.tumblr.com/


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